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Use space cleverly

With the possibility of folding, the „harmonica“ doors, the internal folding doors can be used as a creative solution for many puzzles in the interior design. The places where you store different items and where each free space is valuable, such as garbage can, for example, become more usable, with easier and quicker access and, at the same time, inconspicuous. And it’s very easy – by installing a folding interior door.

Older buildings often have space left between two rooms (usually for easier connection). This could be useful, but in most cases, this place is a concern if you want to divide the two rooms. At one point it turns out that the hole is too large to leave it, but at the same time not too small to fit a standard interior door. In this case, the „harmonica“ doors, which give a beautiful and beautiful solution to the problem, come again.

The best of both worlds

Among the many advantages of folding interior doors is the ability to unite two rooms in one single movement, thus freeing extra space when you need it, for example, when you come together with your family or a large group of friends. Harmonica doors are also useful if you have small children that you want to keep an eye on while playing in the other room.

Folding doors have a wide range of applications and offer flexible and non-standard but practical solutions to various furniture problems. Their advantage is that they do not take up space, but can use the entire length of the adjacent wall or the one on which they are mounted. depending on the situation, giving you more freedom and variation.

Wide-angle interior doors

Folding interior doors are a great way to add flexibility to modern interior design, especially when you want to be able to control the amount of light and air in the room. They can also give you the opportunity to have your own private space.

The „Harmony“ doors are made of high quality aluminum profile, run on rails mounted only in the top / standard version / or at the top and bottom together (as an additional
It is possible to use single, double and triple glazing from 24mm to 32mm

When the doors are opened, the „Harmony“ discreetly frees up space for your family or furniture and, if needed, promptly and quietly evoke privacy and discretion.
Available in different colours on the RAL catalog